Friday, June 3, 2016


FIRST FRIDAY FRIENDS is a new monthly feature here on TICKLING DRAGONS where I tell you about the Children's books my blogging buddies have mentioned they are reading with their kiddos, and give you links if they have done blog posts about them. I will also be asking you to tell us which books you are reading with your family!
Kaylee my five year old reviewer and her mommy, from REX ROBOT REVIEWS, are still happy in the land of THE CRITTER CLUB!

Michelle from IN LIBRIS VERITAS was talking about a Kickstarter campaign for MUMMY'S ALWAYS RIGHT.

Nona Kimba from the CAFFEINATED BOOK REVIEWER posted another installment of NONA'S CORNER and shared her grandaughter's latest picture book love!

What is the small and smart set at your home reading?


  1. OH MY GOOD! LOVE THIS FEATURE!!! SOOO I CAN TELL YOU my 10 year old son, Grasshopper, and I are reading Wonder by R.J. Palacio and my 8-year old daughter Butterfly, and I are reading Wizardology by by Dugald A. Steer

    LOL! I just realized this was a post from June but I don't care :) Hope you continue with the feature

  2. FFF should be up and running again in February. Ha ha! I have my comments set for moderation after a week, so I never miss one no matter how old the post is. :)

    I loved and adored Wonder! My son and I read all of the "ology" books when he was younger. He owns two or three of them, too; he loved them. :)


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