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KOOKIES & MILK is a monthly feature where five year old KAYLEE reviews books with a little help from MOMMY.
When my son was little there wasn't a wide variety of holiday children's books like there are now. I did start the tradition of reading, The Night Before Chrtistmas, to Sebastian after finding a cute little pop-up book at a dollar store, when he was two years old. We did this until he was eight. I remember it was the same year he refused to get his picture taken with Santa anymore.

There are free Kindle ebooks.

I also remember borrowing The Polar Express from the library a couple of times, but these two books were the extent of our holiday themed reading.

I was curious to see if Kaylee and Mommy were doing any special holiday reading, and they were!
This is what Mommy (Shannon) had to say...
"It's my favorite Magic Tree House to date. I like that it is about King Arthur and has some recognizable fairy legends as well. As a parent, I find this book much less dry than some of the other Magic Tree House books, and it is just a tad darker than the others as well. It has a slight Christmas theme, but it isn't overwhelming."

By the look on Kaylee's face, I think she totally agrees with her mommy.

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